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Apr 4, 2017
Sep 17, 2015
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Home Page:
The Celestial Intervention Agency
Tin Dog?

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Well Known Companion, Male, from The Celestial Intervention Agency

The forums are back, but I'm starting to have feelings that the forums are all that's back... Mar 2, 2017

Arcphoenix was last seen:
Apr 4, 2017
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  • About

    Home Page:
    The Celestial Intervention Agency
    Tin Dog?
    Gallifreyan Name: Thexalyvidreophex


    Hello. The name is Arcphoenix; though, feel free to call me "Arc" for short.
    Yes, I know it should be "Arch," but no big deal.

    I've been keeping up with DWCM for some time. Over time I started getting ideas. Eventually I decided. I had to share these ideas rather than keeping them to myself. Thus, I made my iKingsSGC forum account.

    I'm a real fan of the classic Doctor Who series as well as Tom Baker's incarnation of the Doctor (4th).
    I've seen the entire series from Hartnell to Capaldi (Including the non-canon Cushing), and currently I'm waiting for Series 10.

    I'm going to share my ideas here. I hope you like them and perhaps can find inspiration from them. Feel free to check them out in the threads under content or postings.

    Ideas in WIP
    -Storylines focused from the perspectives of characters besides the Doctor
    -The Master
    -The Rani
    -The Monk
    -Your own Time Lord (rather than Doctor)​
    -Journal of Impossible Things
    -Type 12 Tardis (Professor Chronotis's Tardis)
    -Cushing Interior
    -First/Second Doctor's Interior (Noticeable Different. I find this Tardis Interior a bit more like a home versus later Console Rooms)
    • 8 Legs (Plan on working on this soon)
    • Console Screwdriver (On hiatus)
    • System of Fiction (Most things, low priority)
    • Piano Console (On hiatus until I have more free time)
    • Chronotis's Tardis Interior (Current)


    I do not have a favorite among iKingsSGC, SWD, or AinleyStudios. I consider myself a fan of the Doctor Who Modding Community as a whole and thus am part of every community, though not divided into nor favoring any. In other words, I like the Dalek Mod, I like DWCM, I like the Weeping Angels Mod, Tardis Decoration Mod, Voxel Doctor Mod, Tardis Mod, and I like just about any other DW mod all the same. I'm a Whovian and a Minecrafter and refuse to go by any other label. I will not choose a side and do not ask me to.
    (Steam: ArcphoenixLordS) Also, Nyan Tardis[​IMG]