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The iKingsSGC Hub 0.8.1

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  1. TheiKing
    The iKingsSGC Hub - #DWCM #iMine4WHO
    Thread Last Updated 4/1/2016

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the first people to find this thread. That means that you are also one of the first people in the entire world to BE ABLE TO PLAY DWCM! Many of you thought it was just an April Fools thing...it was not! DOCTOR WHO CLIENT MOD IS RELEASED TO OPEN ALPHA! Share your excitment on social media and be sure to use our official hastags #DWCM #iMine4WHO!

    My initial goal when designing our own custom launcher and client was to essentially make an application of sorts. This application would be the only place you would need to go for all of your iKingsSGC or Mod Division related news and information. The fact that you can launch any Mod Division Mod, Partnered Mods and join iKingsSGC Servers from it is the icing on top!

    With the new iKingsSGC Hub we have built in a browser that allows you to browse the iKingsSGC Forums where you can interact with the community by checking out news or asking for help while you are in game. This browser also allows us to integrate our StargateChannel youtube page. We really wanted to drive home how important community interaction is to us. We will eventually be building our Archangel Network social features into the hub once it is completed.

    If you thought that was cool wait till you hear how easy it is to download and install a mod! Basically, all you have to do is click the mods menu, click on the banner for the mod you want to download, select a version, log in, press play and after it automatically downloads/installs BAM youre launching into the game without you needing to do anything except click your mouse no more than 4 or 5 times!

    Now let's talk about how you can finally get to play DWCM starting today, April 1st! Installing the Doctor Who Client Mod on Mac OSX, Windows & Linux is extremely easy. Here are the steps you will need to take
    1. Head on over to http://www.ikingssgc.com/forums/index.php?resources/the-ikingssgc-hub.9/
    2. Click Download and wait for it to finish
    3. Open The iKingsSGC Hub file (.EXE for Windows .jar for Mac & Linux - wait for it to install.
    4. Once The Hub opens you will need to log in. Enter in your Minecraft account details and click play, this will unlock access to the DWCM Open Alpha for your account.
    5. There are two ways you can select a mod to play. Either in the login bar you can click the text that says select version or you can directly goto the Mod's Tab. In this case when the Mods section opens you will see a few options. One will be the DWCM banner & the other will be if you want to install vanilla minecraft. Eventually there will be a wide variety of mods you can select from this list.
    6. To play DWCM you would click the DWCM Banner & you will see the Open Alpha graphic, click that. (Closed Alpha Testers & Mod Division Staff have additional versions to choose from. These are hidden from anyone without access to these versions.)
    7. Once back on the main page you will simply click Play again & The Hub will bring up a graphic of everything that it is installing!
    By the way did you know you can easily get to Doctor Who Client Mod information by going to http://www.DoctorWhoMinecraft.com?!

    • DWCM Soundtracks Featured in This Video
      • Ghetto The TARDIS [Final Version]
      • iKingsSGC Theme
    As the iKingsSGC Hub has several pages I am going to discuss each one individually and give you a rundown of basic use of each page.

    Main Page - With the main page I wanted you to be able to quickly gain access to important links, recent news and more importantly manage the minecraft account info that you will be logging in with, as any launcher should.
    • We have your standard Remembered User Window for people who share their computers with siblings or friends and alternate frequently. By default the window supports 3 accounts but if you have more there is a arrow tab to slide through different pages of accounts.
    • Down below you have a login box containing a few things things you should know. At the bottom of the login box you will either see a string of text that says something like "Select Mod" or the name/version of a mod like "DWCM Version a0.1" If you click this you will be able to select a mod, then version and then go back to the main page where you can press play and launch the game!
    • Also in the login box you can save your account so that it appears in the remembered users window
    • On the bottom left we have a few different icons that will take you to several important iKingsSGC and Mod Division related pages. From left to right we have our Paypal Donation page, our Patreon Campaign Link, StargateChannel youtube link, our steam group address and lastly my twitter account.
    • Next to the quick link icons we have the iKingsSGC Hub logo which also doubles as the options menu button. If you click the logo a menu will open allowing you to configure some things.
    • At the top we have a standard navigation menu where you can click on the page you wish to goto and it takes you to that page. Go Figure
    • Above the Navigation menu you will find the banner of whatever project it is you are launching. When you click on this banner image it will open the Mods page that contains the list of Mod Division projects you can launch and play, this will be defaulted at Doctor Who Client Mod.
    iKingsSGC Forums Page - Like I mentioned above, when designing the iKingsSGC Hub I wanted it to be the only place you needed to go for your iKingsSGC needs. I was tired of having to constantly check the youtube channel, the iKingsSGC Forums and everything else. So I wanted the iKingsSGC Forums to be directly accessible from the Hub itself.

    The layout of this page is fairly simple and does not need much explanation.
    • At the top you have the navigation menu so you can alternate between the Hubs pages, obviously.
    • Below the Nav Menu we have the thing that makes this page so great, the iKingsSGC Forums. The Forums function exactly as they would if you were on your preferred internet browser of choice.
    Not much else to say about this page. It functions exactly how you would expect it to.

    StargateChannel (YouTube) Page - Continuing on with the theme of the client and launcher being your "one stop" for all things iKingsSGC, I wanted to be able to have the ability to keep up with all the videos posted to the StargateChannel.
    • The layout for this page is fairly simple where with the nav menu at the top and the channel page below.
    • We may eventually replace this webpage with our original plans for a player but right now we don't have that on the agenda.
    Servers Page - Due to the recent death of bukkit and the upcoming Sponge project we want to hold off announcing our plans for this page until we are ready. That being said, obviously this will be the page where you can select from a list of Official iKingsSGC Servers, DWCM servers we support, or other partnered servers and sponsor servers.

    Mods Page - Like I mentioned above, downloading and installing mods is as simple as 4 or 5 clicks. We wanted it to be extremely easy for the user to install any of our Mods like DWCM or Stargate Chevron 7 or Partnered mods such as Dalek Mod (which is already launching from the Hub BTW.)
    • The process for installing a mod is very simple. You click on the Mods tab or the version string at the bottom left of the login box, this will open the mods page where you will see a scrollable list of all the Mods that you can install.
    • When you click and select the mod you want to play it will open another page of banners with version numbers/names that you can choose from. This allows people to go back to a previous version or update with ease.
    • Once you select a version the Hub will take you back to the main page were you can press play and the Hub will automatically download and install everything for you.
    • Once it finishes the game will launch and you can play.
    • The iKingsSGC Hub will remain open in the background allowing you to access the forums and eventually archangel if you want to.
    That's all I have for this supersized video about the brand new iKingsSGC Hub. If you liked it please comment below and go to the iKingsSGC Forums thread link to vote on the poll! Roll the outro!
    Daily Report Archive: http://www.DailyReport.iKingsSGC.com
    Support us on Patreon: http://www.Patreon.iKingsSGC.com
    iKingsSGC Hub: http://www.Hub.iKingsSGC.com
    StargateChannel: http://www.Youtube.com/StargateChannel
    Doctor Who Client Mod: http://www.DoctorWho.iKingsSGC.com
    Amazon Donations: http://www.Amazon.iKingsSGC.com
    Questions Out of the [Police Box]: http://www.questions.ikingssgc.com/
    iKingsSGC Server Status: http://www.ikingssgc.com/playerlist/
    Stargate Chevron 7: http://www.Stargate.iKingsSGC.com
    Paypal Donation Link: http://www.Donate.iKingsSGC.com
    iKingsSGC Server Network: http://www.Servers.iKingsSGC.com
    iKingsSGC Mod Division: http://www.ModDivision.iKingsSGC.com

    This document is Copyright ©(iKingsSGC) of (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only iKingsSGC.com is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit.

    This document is Copyright ©(iKingsSGC) (Mod Divsiion) and is the intellectual property of the author(s). It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this mod on any other website or as a part of any public display (YouTube Let's Plays are fine) is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.​


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    Version: 0.8
    where is the thing that tells you what to do if it wont work
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    Version: 0.8
    It has a lot of ambitious and interesting features, such as the interior, many screwrdivers, various Tardis features, and many enemies; however, the mod definitely has its flaws left to be polished. Things such as the game crashing alot, the graphics of some items taking absurd amounts of space in the inventory, etc
  3. GalaxyGamer
    Version: 0.8
    I can't open the hub, it keeps giving me this response after I extracted the file:
    Could not find the main class:
    com.ikingssgc.thehub.bootstrap.Bootstrap. Program with exit.
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    Version: 0.8
    как скачать
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    [MNJ] Noorquacker
    Version: 0.8
    It...it...it WORKS?
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    Version: 0.8
    Looks really good but the game is limited to run with 1 GB RAM and I don't see a way to change that. Because of this, it runs at 100% available memory and crashes frequently due to out of memory errors.
  7. xXShibblesXx
    Version: 0.8
    yay its finnaly here!!! gr8 work
  8. Doc_1963
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    Incredibly stable and much more than I expected from the Alpha release.
  9. wolfalpha83300
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    Fuc**** Good ;)
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    Version: 0.8
    oh ma gawd its heah